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  River Water Decontamination  

The Importance of River Water Decontamination

Floodwaters from the river can be especially dangerous, and this is why it’s so important to have proper river water decontamination.


Floodwater can contain livestock and human waste, household, industrial, and medical hazardous waste, coal ash waste, other contaminants that can lead to illness, and wild or stray animals, such as snakes or rodents. Exposure to flood water can cause wound infections, skin rashes, tetanus, and gastrointestinal illnesses.


Floodwaters can also contaminate your drinking water. Some contaminants from the surface water can get into the groundwater and affect any private drinking water wells and the municipal water systems that use groundwater. It’s important to throw away any food that could have become in contact with the storm or floodwater. Even if it looks and smells normal, it’s best to toss it.


Once you have properly assessed your property and are out of immediate danger from downed power lines in a flood, it’s time to call the professionals for river water decontamination so you can stay healthy and safe.