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  Sewage Water Decontamination  

Flood Waters and Sewage Water Decontamination

When flooding in Georgetown, TX, disrupts the drinking water supply or covers plumbing fixtures, the dirty water can get back into the home plumbing. When sewage backs up, it can also contaminate structures. After floodwaters enter a property, it's necessary to have proper water removal and sewage water contamination.


Floodwater is commonly contaminated by sewage and other pollutants and this is referred to as brown or black water. Human waste and sewage contain many different organisms that can cause disease. Another common problem when coming in contact with sewage and floodwater is wound infection. Contaminated floodwaters can contain E. coli and tetanus. Floodwaters may also be contaminated with animal waste, which can cause many of the same diseases as human waste.


Sewage water decontamination needs to begin as soon as water removal is done for floodwater. Floors should be cleaned with a bleach solution or another commercially available disinfectant. Carpets should be replaced or cleaned by a professional contractor. Bleach shouldn’t be mixed with other household cleaning products.


If you have been in contact with floodwaters, wash contaminated skin thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Those with a weakened immune system can be at an increased risk for exposure from black water. Contaminated laundry needs to be washed separately in hot water with a 10% bleach solution or it needs to be disposed of entirely.


For those on a public water system, you want to flush all the water lines after water removal, including the hot water lines. Ask the water company if they will be disinfecting the lines. During this time, you may notice the strong smell of chlorine. You only want to use water for drinking, cooking, or washing once it is safe to do so after sewage water decontamination. If you have a private well, you need an electrician to ensure it’s safe to turn it back on and then it needs to be flushed as well. Water should be tested for bacteria before drinking or cooking.