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  Water Damage Extraction  

What Is Water Extraction?

Water damage is one of the most destructive and common issues you can deal with as a homeowner. It can be caused by plumbing leaks, flooding and natural disasters, and sewage backup. If there is water damage that is threatening your home, you need to act quickly.


A restoration company that specializes in water damage extraction works to minimize any damage to the home or business after flooding happens. During the water extraction process, our goal is to minimize any water damage and also reduce the risk of permanent damage, preventing any serious health risks, and restore the property to former conditions.


Water extraction involves removing any excess water from the home with the use of industrial truck-mounted vacuums and submersible pumps. Water extraction is a crucial first step and must be done very quickly to prevent any major destruction. Even a small amount of water damage can put the home or property at risk. A significant amount of water damage can threaten the integrity of the structure.


Water damage extraction begins with safety first. The water mains and electricity should be shut down. Next is an assessment of the entire situation, including damages and safety issues. It’s important to protect against health issues during the process. Experts should retrieve your possessions. The water extraction process requires safety gear for technicians, along with the specialized equipment. Extracting the majority of water from the affected area will help stop the damage from spreading. Once the water extraction is complete, we will decide if it is necessary to remove the carpet or carpet pads to help keep the integrity of the flooring. Once the water extraction process is done and the water is removed, it’s time to start drying out floors, walls, and other items. This helps to avoid any swelling, warping, or other issues that could interrupt any restoration efforts.