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Reasons the Pros Should Handle Water Clean Up

Water clean up in Georgetown, TX, should not be taken lightly. There are a number of reasons why the pros should handle water damage services.


Time: What can take a typical property owner days to accomplish can take a trained crew just a few hours. Water is not forgiving and any delays can be even more costly. Irreversible damage to the building materials, carpets, sheetrock, and more can happen if the water is not taken care of quickly.


Water Pumping: Without the right equipment and expertise, any extraction by the property owner is rarely as effective as it is when done using professional water damage services.


Moisture Damage: the damage that occurs from water isn’t limited to what the water is actually touching. Just elevated levels of water vapor can cause secondary damage to the building materials if it's not taken care of quickly. Flooring and drywall are susceptible to water damage because of their porous materials.


Bacteria: Groundwater can rank high in levels of bacteria. Floodwater is considered Category 3 water. This means that floodwater is unsanitary and rife with bacteria and other unsafe contaminants. Professionals for water clean up use strong sanitizing agents to help reduce the negative health effects of any floodwater.


Thorough Assessment: Professionals have the experience and training needed to determine any repairs your property needs. Without any reliable testing, you could end up with bigger issues due to water damage.


Help with Insurance Claims: Hiring professionals can give you the information you need to file a successful insurance claim. Professionals can give an itemized list of repairs you need and an idea of how much the repair costs. This can be helpful if your insurance adjuster is delayed due to the volume of claims in the area. Having the documentation means you may not have to wait for the adjuster to arrive to start the restoration process.