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  Water Damage Services Near Me  

What Is Included in Water Damage Restoration Services?

Water damage restoration services include the complete process of water clean up from beginning to end.


When you contact water damage services near me, you may hear a lot of different terms so it helps to know what they all mean. While many of the terms are used interchangeably, it's helpful to know the differences so you know exactly what you are getting when contacting water damage services near me.


Water remediation is the term equivalent to water damage restoration. In short, it's the process of water clean up.


Water removal is the act of removing the water from the damaged areas. Professional equipment is often needed for this step to remove the large amounts of water.


Water extraction is similar to water removal and professionals also need special equipment, such as high-velocity air movers.


Water mitigation is the process of reversing and preventing damage caused by the amount of water in the building.


Water damage restoration services begin with the first call you make when you contact water damage services near me. Once we arrive, we begin to inspect the damage. We look for any safety issues and help locate the source of water. We then lay out a plan for the protocols that are necessary to complete the restoration. We begin the actual work when we fix the source of the water damage. We then use professional equipment to remove as much of the excess water as we can. We remove any wet drywall and carpet pads in accordance with the right water damage restoration procedures. We use professional drying equipment through dehumidification, evaporation, and temperature goals. The next step is working to rebuild floors ceilings and walls until the property is restored to its original condition. Water damage restoration services can help no matter if the loss is small or large to help you get your life back.